What’s in my drawer: Desk snacks

I always get much hungrier when sitting at a desk than I ever did while working in more physical jobs. Thankfully, at a desk job I can keep a drawer stashed with treats! In my opinion, the ideal desk snack should be both nutritious and delicious. Here, I’m sharing a few of my faves, as well as their pros and cons (cause picking a snack is a serious business, ok?!).

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La Croix seltzer: I loved seltzer before La Croix became the “it” brand, but I definitely understand why these cans are so popular—the flavors are great! Cut out those afternoon diet coke runs and keep a few cans of these on hand instead!

  • Pro: With tons of yummy flavors, you can switch things up a bit and never get bored (I’m totally the type of person who gets tired of foods easily, so I appreciate this).
  • Con: The packs of seltzer are much more costly than that grocery store brand liter bottle.

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Biena Chickpeas: I had tried these before after a friend recommended them to me, but at the time I just thought they were so-so. Then I picked up the ranch flavor and got hooked (if you like the ranch flavor Wheat Thins, you’ll love these)

  • Pro: Great flavor, way better for you than chips, tons of fiber = a good choice all around!
  • Con: The aftertaste is a little powerful, so it may be worth popping a breath mint before that meeting with your coworker! The flavoring also gets stuck to your fingers which isn’t the best when it comes to typing.

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Nourish snacks: What blogger hasn’t talked about these? The snack-sized portions were on display all throughout my Target store, and I’ve even seen them at Starbucks!

  • Pro: Tons of variety in flavors, plus there’s something to be said for a pre-portioned snack.
  • Con: These snacks are a little pricy for the size ($1.99 per 1-pack), so to me they’re better as an on-the-go, keep in your purse option.

What do you like to crunch on at work? I’m always looking for new, healthy suggestions!

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