Gray Malin Water Bottle + Easy Craft


Just popping in to share some fun news…Gray Malin (one of my and many other bloggers’ fave photographers) has designed S’well bottles. I REPEAT. What a great collab! If only I hadn’t caved and ordered a different S’well bottle a few weeks ago! I absolutely love this print.

Owning one of Gray’s prints is still a home decor goal of mine, haha. But last year, after seeing how Allyson framed a Gray Malin card from J.Crew (how did I miss out on that one?!), I was inspired to make my own Gray “art” for cheap. I purchased a roll of his wrapping paper (which literally arrived to my NYC apartment the day before I moved, oops) and then have framed it, used it to make cards for fellow Gray-obsessed friends, and more! Just give yourself plenty of time to order if you decide you’d like to do the same.

I love how my framed “print” (above) turned out and it definitely will tide me over until I can get a “real” piece!


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