Weekend Recap


What a weekend! It started off as so, so calm (I pretty much slept all day Saturday when I wasn’t DIY-ing), but I managed to do a TON on Sunday. I would rather be go, go, go on the weekends–at least one of the days–so that when I’m sitting at my desk during the week I can feel that I made the most of my time off! This weekend, I managed to check a ton off of my DC/summer to-do list:

On Saturday, I got right to work on my DIY project! After a quick trip to the hardware store, I spray painted both the bar cart I purchased from my friend last fall (I decided to turn it silver, which will match my gray furniture) and then started on one of my bamboo pieces. Rather than using chalk paint, I ended up going with a blue spray paint that also contains a primer, and it looks good so far! The weather was super hot and humid which doesn’t make for the best painting conditions, so I’ll have to wrap everything up after work one day this week.

On Sunday, I took a photography class through the Capital Photography Center. The class was mainly for work but also for fun–since it was dedicated to iPhone photography, it’ll be super helpful no matter what I’m doing! I’m signed up for a DSLR class this fall and I’m looking forward to that one.

After the class, which was held in the National Portrait Gallery, I strolled around DC for a bit and finally tried Momufuku Milk Bar. I had been meaning to go for ages, but I never managed to do so in New York and thought the DC location would likely be less chaotic anyway. I got a classic “cereal milk” flavored cone which was HUGE (seriously, the portions are much bigger than they look on Instagram, haha). I then met up with my family for an early birthday dinner at Farmers Fishers Bakers! The restaurant was awesome and reminded me of the one I worked at in Philly (also sustainable and organic).

Ooooh, and this weekend I also watched the Grey’s musical episode (FINALLY) and finished my latest read (a book post is coming to the blog tomorrow!), because #priorities. Seriously, such a fun-filled weekend (even if it got off to a slow start!).

What did you all do? Oh, and happy birthday, Harry Potter–anyone try out the Snapchat filter? Ha!

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