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Talk about Pin-spiration! Image.
Talk about Pin-spiration! Image.

Oddly enough, I first got really into using Pinterest (follow me!) when I was studying abroad in Edinburgh, Scotland, during my junior year of college. It was actually kind of funny looking at pins while I was in the UK, because almost everything I saw on there was just so American. Fall bucket lists? Thanksgiving food spreads? Bring it on.

I now use Pinterest as a source of inspiration, especially when writing blog posts–often a single image will encourage me to write about a certain topic. But I also love finding clever tidbits as well, and I thought I would share a few below…

1) DIY Rosé Gummy Bears. We’ve all heard about the mile-long waitlist to try these babies at Sugarfina, so at this rate, making them at home seems a bit more practical (if you can even use the word practical when talking about designer gummy bears!).

2) Using a drawer as a side table (to store books!) Unfortunately, this picture doesn’t contain any text, but it’s pretty self-explanatory and would be a super easy to make, unique piece of decor to add to your abode.

3) And on the career front…who doesn’t want to sound smarter in emails?

4) My friend makes the BEST funfetti dip…I think these sprinkled animal crackers would be the cutest addition (or maybe a little too over the top?!).

5) This small rental kitchen vision board is calling my name and probably a lot of yours, too. I’ve had my eye on the Rifle Paper recipe box forever, too!

What have you been pinning lately?

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