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Let’s be real, guys. Instagramming is HARD. Now that I’ve started posting blog photos, I have so much more appreciation for those who can perfectly “stage” a shot and think of witty phrases and find objects to style. While the above photo is my own (and I’m pretty darn proud of it for now!), there are lots of ig-ers who have entire pages filled with cute pics like this one. I always love when other bloggers share their favorite accounts to follow (but I often find myself searching and clicking on random hashtags until I find an account that I can’t get enough of!). But I’ll save you that step. If you’re looking to fill your feed with even more cuteness, check out these 10 accounts:

@meganpatty_ I love Megan’s blog, Sparkles & Sprinkles, and her Insta embodies everything you’d expect based on that name! I love her use of bright, cheerful colors, but let’s be real, I’m totally also on her page to swoon over her adorable golden retriever puppy.

@notes_from_monroe I started following Anna when she lived in Australia (she’s in NYC now!) and could not get enough of her adorable apartment (seriously, it is perfection) and loved following along on her adventures with her pal @theladymimosa (also a must-follow!) If you love home decor and all things chinoiserie, these are your girls!

@carlyahill Carly’s account makes me wish I still lived in New York largely because all of her food adventures. Seriously, she manages to find all of the cutest spots (but they’re mainly downtown and still would have been a trek from my UES apartment…at least that’s what I tell myself to ward off the jealousy!). Check this out if you live in NYC or need some inspiration for your next visit!

@historyinhighheels Ok, an academic who is also a fashion/lifestyle blogger with a cute apartment and research that takes her to Italy? Officially jeal. If you love food, fashion, decor, education, and travel, this is for you!

@lilpoppybigworld This account has absolutely nothing to do with clothes or decor or blogging but it chronicles the adventures of the most adorable little hedgehog (I never even thought of hedgehogs as cute until I came across these pictures, but consider me converted!). The pictures are so creative and had me wanting to adopt my own 🙂

@kateymcfarlan I’m pretty sure I discovered Katey on Insta before I realized she had a blog, but I love her style and home posts (oh and she just announced her pregnancy, so more adorable posts to come, I’m sure!).

@styledbychloeliv I’ve also been following this page for awhile! Chloe is an amazing interior decorator living in New York and we’re seriously style twins (although I could probably say that about everyone I’ve mentioned so far, haha…I definitely follow people who all share a similar aesthetic!). I have loved watching her apartment evolve and it looks amazing!

@pineapplesandcoffeecups One of those perfect accounts that is always colorful, cheerful, and creative–also I’m glad there’s someone else out there with a huge addiction to cute mugs.

@agirlastyle This account has seriously made me want to live or study in Cambridge on multiple occasions…Briony’s “clever fiancé” (could her nickname for him be cuter?) is a student there and the two always seem to be having the best time–think macarons, punting boats, midnight croquet…BRB, heading across the pond for a bit!

What are your favorite accounts to follow? Do you follow these? (I love finding out that friends of mine follow the same accounts as I do, it’s like we’re both in on the same little secret, haha).


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