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I’ve always loved shopping for clothes secondhand, ever since I was in early high school. I think it’s largely because I like the thrill of the find. A store like TJ Maxx is way more exciting to me than, say, the Container Store (although I love organization, so that’s probably not the best example!). Same goes for clothes–I love finding something unique–or even totally on-trend but priced well–and knowing that I scored something special.

I discovered Poshmark (check out my closet here) a couple of years ago while living in New York and have completed multiple transactions as both a buyer and a seller. Since I love the site and know that some of you do, too, I thought I’d share a few tips for success!

Tip 1: Be flexible. When I’m selling on Poshmark, my goal is often to make enough money for a larger purchase rather than to make a ton of money off of one item. That may sound confusing, but trust me–if you’re focusing on working your way up to earning $100, you’ll be less disappointed when your sale only gives you $10 in earnings. That’s still progress! I have friends who would rather sell one or two items for a big commission, but I’ve found that buyers come running when items are priced fairly. My goal on Poshmark is not to make a profit but to earn back what I paid or at least a portion of that. I recently used some of my Poshmark earnings to go on a “shopping spree” at another secondhand store I love IRL (oh, the irony), but hey, I needed some new-to-me work clothes!

Tip 2: Describe your items well. Treat buyers how you would want to be treated. If there is a hole or small stain on an item you’re selling, include a picture and be sure to mention the issue in your description of the item. Saying something like, “small pen stain on the inner pouch but otherwise in great condition” is totally fine. Including a description of any errors in your original posting will prevent unhappy buyers in the long run. Buyers rate their purchases after accepting them on the app, and I don’t know if prospective buyers actually look at sellers ratings (I certainly don’t) but I aim to please and would rather receive five stars than one!

Tip 3: Mail your items out early. I’ve had sellers who have waited more than a week to mail their items and ultimately I’ve just cancelled the order because I’m not sure if the item will ever get sent to me! Poshmark notes that generally, sellers send their items out within two days. Of course there may be times where a buyer purchases one of your items and you happen to be on vacation, or the item is stuck at your parents’ house, and in that case it’s best to notify the buyer that there will be a slight delay. But since Poshmark shipping is pre-paid, it really isn’t that hard to go to the post office, stuff your item in a priority mail box or envelope, attach the label you printed from home, and send away!

Tip 4: Don’t spend $$$. Or I guess I would say, don’t spend big bucks unless you know for sure that an item is something you really want, is authentic (if that matters to you–many buyers searching for brands such as Kate Spade or Tory Burch are only looking for the real thing), etc. I have often ordered items that were described well but just didn’t work on me when they arrived. You can always “re-Posh” (sell an item you purchase on Poshmark and hope that someone else will be interested), but this can be difficult, as selling in general can either be super easy or take a few months. When ordering clothing, I generally order from brands I already have in my closet (such as LOFT and JCrew) as I know my size and can be 90 percent sure an item will fit. However, both of those brands are also known for vanity sizing, and I have noticed that my size is not always the same across the board (skirts in my size may be too big, while pants fit just right, for example). Basically, just think of this as online shopping with no direct returns/guaranteed refunds, and purchase accordingly!

Tip 5: Be nice! When interacting with others as either a buyer or a seller, be courteous! I was once with a friend who also sells on Poshmark and a buyer was being a little rude to her–asking her for various measurements without saying thank you, etc. Little did she know my friend had to run up flights of stairs to her room and pull out her item from her under-the-bed storage container each time the buyer asked a question! Even if someone wants to make a sale, answering countless questions can become a hassle, so be kind and ask everything at once without being too demanding!

I hope all of these tips help you–I am totally in favor of Poshmark but wanted to give you all the low down if you’re new! Let me know if you have any tips of your own to share!


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