Weekend Thoughts


1) I think I need this hat from ASOS. Mermaids + sassy straw hats + sale pricing? So tempting!

2) What are you supposed to say during a job interview when asked about your biggest weakness? Turn here for advice.

3) I love the look of this abstract pouch that you can make yourself.

4) Has anyone read The Girls? It keeps popping up on Instagram and on my Amazon recommend page but I have so many other books I want to get through first! In the meantime, this review suggests it’s a book not to be missed.

5) Why is Halloween content already showing up on my Pinterest feed? But if we’re talking about fall, these apple cider mimosas look amaze.

6) Everyone at my office has been talking about the Peloton bike. Has anyone heard of it or tried it? It’s expensive but allows you to take spin classes at home and compete against others in real time. This spin addict is intrigued!

7) I realized I forgot to mention another favorite TV show in my post last week–Master of None! It’s Aziz Ansari’s show on Netflix and honestly I’ve watched the whole thing not just once but twice–seriously captures modern relationships of all kinds extremely well, check it out!

8) I’ve enjoyed doing book posts on here but if you want to know what else I have read (i.e. pre-blog), check out my Goodreads profile and add me!

9) A millenial breakup in 23 steps. This Washington Post article had me laughing out loud (for real).

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