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Today I am sharing a special offer with you all! I have recently partnered with jewelry company Boho Betty, “a fashionable, high quality, global inspired accessory line at such affordable prices that you can wear it every day.” I don’t think I can state it better than that! The bracelets are not only super budget friendly but they’re also on-trend and (most importantly) sparkly!

I ordered the gold mesh cuff bracelet (check out my Instagram for a pic!). I am obsessed with gold as of late (as if you couldn’t already tell from my other posts!) so I thought this would make a fun addition to my wardrobe. It’s definitely workplace appropriate while also adding a bit of glimmer to an otherwise more conservative outfit! But I honestly think the best aspect is that the bracelet has two different snaps you can use depending on wrist size–for someone like me who has extremely small wrists, this is important! I often can’t wear bracelets because they’re just too big and slide right off (seriously, even the workers at my college’s pub noticed my “baby wrists” every time they gave me a wristband!).

Right now, Boho Betty is offering a discount for my readers–just enter the code DCTOAT for 20 percent off your purchase!

As a disclaimer, using the code mentioned above will allow me to earn a small commission from your purchase, but note that all of the opinions expressed above are my own. Happy shopping!

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