Real Life as Explained by Pinterest Quotes

I always love reading those BuzzFeed articles with gifs that perfectly describe a situation, and the other day when I was browsing on Pinterest (my guilty pleasure), I came across a bunch of quotes that when pieced together hilariously describe adult life. Without further ado…

When you land the dream job you’ve been lusting after for months:


When youΒ realize that you’ll never kick your caffeine addiction now that you’re a working girl:


When you get your first grown-up apartment but realize that you’re going to need to work, like, three years to afford that couch you have your eye on:


When you realize that you have no idea how to grocery shop now that you’re no longer on a meal plan:


When you determine your adulthood criteria for making friends:


When your friend asks you for Friday night plan suggestions:


How you justify your lifestyle to your parents:


How all of your resolutions begin:


When you realize that despite all of your complaining, your twenties go by quickly, so you should cherish them!


All images are from Pinterest. Check out my quotes board here!

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