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As you may know, I moved into my new place last weekend and am finally feeling a little more settled! I was so excited to start unpacking and decorating so I managed to set my place up pretty quickly (also, since I have been living in apartments for three years, I didn’t have to purchase too much new stuff, which made the process easier–although I may have added a few new pieces of decor, oops!). On Friday I decided to take the plunge and put up my gallery wall. I have actually never hung a gallery wall over my couch before but have always loved the look. Even if you aren’t looking at the pictures when you’re sitting on the couch, I think having a fun gallery there looks great when you walk into a room. I am a wall art fanatic so I had TONS of pieces to sort through, but I’m happy with the ones I chose for this space! Many of the pictures and frames came from HomeGoods/TJ Maxx or Etsy!

I am not the most patient person when it comes to decorating, so I actually didn’t do what you’re supposed to do when laying out a gallery wall, which to cut pieces of newspaper to match the size of your frames and put those on the wall first to make sure you know exactly where you want your items to go. However, I am pretty confident in my basic handyman skills and went ahead and hung my stuff anyway. I have the worst spatial perception when it comes to important things, like parallel parking, but I’m not too bad when it comes to hanging artwork πŸ˜‰


I’m loving how my gallery turned out (despite the poor quality of this photo), and the the best part is that if I ever get tired of these prints, I can just swap them out with new ones and still keep all the fun frames.

What are your gallery wall tips?

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