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Football season is upon us, folks! Since I went to a small college, I didn’t get to take part in the whole college football “scene” that dominates many campuses (although we certainly DID have a team, for those wondering!). However, football games were purely social events–I once had to do a “field study” of a place on campus for my American Studies class and chose to observe a football game. Most of my notes were about how people could not stop talking to one another and no one seemed to even be looking at the football field! Typical.

Anyway, my friend who went to a large university with a HUGE football program has been trying to get me to attend a gameΒ at her alma mater this fall, and like the dedicated fashionistas fans we are, we’ve already been scouting out cute accessories that incorporate her team’s colors. We absolutely love the clutch from Draper James (Reese Witherspoon’s line) pictured above, but $95 is just a littleeee steep. If you’ve come across anything similar, let me know–I can’t get over how cute Reese’s products are and wish I could scoop up all of them! She has amazing home decor, too (yeah, this is getting dangerous for me!). How cute is this bow-patterned tray?

Have you shopped at Draper James before? The brick and mortar store is located and Nashville and I’m sure it’s the cutest thing ever. Also, what are your fave football outfits? Help a girl out, I’m somewhat clueless over here!

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