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Whew! I’ve been so busy lately and have been so bad about posting as frequently as I did earlier in the summer. For one, work has been getting busier and my hours have gotten longer now that summer is over (as I’ve mentioned before, I work at a school–and while it was pretty quiet over the summer, the kids came back after Labor Day Weekend and things have since been very energetic and exciting but also more fast-paced). Additionally, moving didn’t take too much out of me since this is my third time living in an apartment and it’s safe to say I’m a pro at the whole packing/unpacking/decorating and putting things away routine, but I’ve been having lots of fun exploring my new neighborhood, having friends over, meeting up with people in the city now that I’m actually living in DC, etc…that blogging has fallen on the back burner these past few weeks!

Anyway, here’s what I’ve been up to lately…

Brunching: I tried Martin’s Tavern in Georgetown over Labor Day Weekend and absolutely loved their brunch! I opted for french toast which was unlike me given that I normally prefer savory over sweet when it comes to brunch food, but I enjoyed it! My friend got an amazing platter of breakfast foods–eggs, home fries, toast–that looked so good that I insisted on scheduling another brunch date there with my mom and ordered exactly that (it’s pictured above)! Also, fun fact: Martin’s Tavern is one of the oldest restaurants in DC AND happens to be where JFK proposed to Jackie–there’s a sign noting this in the booth where they sat! The host I spoke with said that you can reserve this specific table if you call well enough in advance, so I think I know what I’m doing in a few weekends…

Watching: Grey’s, always–but I also randomly came across “Don’t Trust the B– in Apartment 23” on my recommended page on Netflix and have watched a few episodes so far. It’s a funny, mindless show that’s perfect to watch while unwinding, and, like every show about 20-something roommates, takes place in NYC, so that’s always a bonus. But mainly I can’t wait for Season 3 of Younger to come back on September 28!

Reading: I’ve honestly also been so bad about reading since I’ve moved. Partly this is because I now have to wake up at 6 am for work rather than 7:15/7:30, and I’ve also been getting home a bit later, so my free time is more limited! I’ve just started The Regulars by Georgia Clark and am enjoying it so far–it certainly got a lot of hype, have any of you finished it?

More regular posting will start up again soon, I hope!

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