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I have hopped on the abstract art bandwagon lately and am not sorry about it. I’ve tried (and failed) to make my own, and while the process was fun, I didn’t quite get the result I was aiming to achieve. I was actually trying to copy the piece shown above, which Tiffany made herself–jealous! This summer I was walking to my friend Ashley’s house to meet her for dinner and came across a HUGE piece of abstract art that someone on her stoop was selling (they were also students so it wasn’t completely sketchy, promise!). The piece was black and white and ended up being only $2, so home with me it went! Of course, whether the design was of ships (my interpretation) or trees (Ashley’s interpretation) or nothing is still up for debate.

Given that it’s unlikely most of you will come across a $2 piece of abstract art at a random sidewalk sale anytime soon, I’ve rounded up a few of my online favorites that are also affordable. Abstract art can cost $$$ on many websites and even on Etsy, so it can be difficult to find a piece that’s aesthetically pleasing but also budget friendly! Let me know what you think of these finds, and do share if you have other sources for finding cute pieces of art!

I purchased this gold and pink piece for my living room and hung it over my TV to jazz up that wall a bit. It’s a great price for a large piece of art (the canvas is actually coated with a plastic-like material, so it’s shiny/soft to the touch unlike plain canvas). I’m liking it a lot so far!

This black and white piece from Hobby Lobby is great for neutral-colored rooms but honestly I think it can work in a number of places–I also have it hanging in my living room! Use the 40 percent off online coupon to score an even better deal.

I’ve had my eye on this city-themed piece for awhile and for those who also think it’s cool, I have good news–it’s currently 20 percent off!

Of course I have to mention Etsy! There are so many pieces to choose from on the site, but I’m a big fan of this one–I love the colors and design.

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