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I have had the best time exploring the city more now that I officially live downtown (even though I lived right nearby for 18 years while growing up, my interests have changed quite a bit in the past several years and many new attractions have opened up!). Here are a few of my latest faves…

Crumbs & Whiskers. This cat cafe is the cutest thing ever and truly deserves its own post, so you can expect one coming up soon! It’s located in Georgetown and requires reservations in advance, but in my opinion, planning ahead to spend time with cute cats is totally worth it. Plus, the cafe serves coffee and macarons!

Eastern Market. Guys, I had been meaning to check out Eastern Market for the longest time. It was so much fun strolling around over Labor Day Weekend and checking out all of the stands. My friend purchased a bunch of fresh tomatoes and I purchased a bag (#typical). In my defense, it was a $5 Longchamp purse that I scored at a secondhand clothing store we stumbled upon, so it was totally worth it!

Tidal Basin Paddleboating. When my bestie visited from NYC over Labor Day Weekend, we decided to check out the paddle boats we had spotted on our way down to Eastern Market. For only $8 each, we had a paddle boat to ourselves for an hour and hilariously tried to maneuver it (we eventually got the hang of it!) in order to get close-up views of the Jefferson and Washington monuments. Unfortunately, the new “swan boats” (they’re shaped exactly like the inflatable pool floats) were out of commission that weekend–so. bummed.

Exploring Georgetown. Georgetown is much more than just shops–it also has the cutest old houses, awesome restaurants, and great people-watching. If you like Mexican food, a stop at Jaco Taco is a must. If you don’t want to spend any money, stroll around and take pictures outside of the adorable townhouses (many of which are painted in bright colors) and walk down to the waterfront for some amazing views of the Kennedy Center.

What are some of your favorite things to do in DC? I would love to hear some fun ideas–I have friends from grad school visiting next weekend and can’t wait to show them around.

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