Scout Totes


I have always been a big fan of SCOUT’s cute patterns and products (I’ve had one of their storage bins since college and love how it’s super portable and holds a bunch of stuff!). Now that I’m working at a school, I’ve started to notice SCOUT products more and more–the bags seem to be the “it” thing for students of all ages when it comes to toting around sports gear and more. One of my teacher friends also uses a huge SCOUT bag to carry all of her materials to and from work.

I recently purchased a SCOUT bag on sale from Nordstrom Rack and already can see how it will be great to use running around the city on weekends. Since DC has a bag tax, everyone brings their own shopping bags to the grocery store, and this one will definitely hold a ton of food and supplies!

Oh, and another cool thing about SCOUT? The company was actually started in Georgetown! So technically I’m supporting a local business 😉

Do you use SCOUT products? Which items and patterns are your faves?

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