Tailgating Style


Football season is upon us, folks! Since I went to a small college, I didn’t get to take part in the whole college football “scene” that dominates many campuses (although we certainly DID have a team, for those wondering!). However, football games were purely social events–I once had to do a “field study” of a place on campus for my American Studies class and chose to observe a football game. Most of my notes were about how people could not stop talking to one another and no one seemed to even be looking at the football field! Typical.

Anyway, my friend who went to a large university with a HUGE football program has been trying to get me to attend a game at her alma mater this fall, and like the dedicated fashionistas fans we are, we’ve already been scouting out cute accessories that incorporate her team’s colors. We absolutely love the clutch from Draper James (Reese Witherspoon’s line) pictured above, but $95 is just a littleeee steep. If you’ve come across anything similar, let me know–I can’t get over how cute Reese’s products are and wish I could scoop up all of them! She has amazing home decor, too (yeah, this is getting dangerous for me!). How cute is this bow-patterned tray?

Have you shopped at Draper James before? The brick and mortar store is located and Nashville and I’m sure it’s the cutest thing ever. Also, what are your fave football outfits? Help a girl out, I’m somewhat clueless over here!

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Grad School Lessons


Heading back to grad school after a few years in the working world (aka the “real world”)? That’s what I did, and I highly enjoyed my nine-month (!) graduate program, which, as you likely can imagine, completely flew by. Since I had taken two years off before starting school, it took some readjustment to acclimate to life as a student. Here are a few lessons I learned (but keep lesson #1 in mind as you read this!). If you happen to be considering grad school and need any advice whatsoever, don’t hesitate to reach out!

Lesson #1. Everyone’s situation is unique. Your classmates won’t all be in the same boat when it comes to their reasons for choosing your particular institution, or how they’re financing their education, or even in terms of what exactly they’d like to do after your program is over. People like to talk about all of these subjects a lot, and it’s fine to participate in these conversations as much or as little as you feel comfortable. Just be respectful of other people’s decisions and situations even if you wouldn’t have necessarily made the same choices yourself!

Lesson #2. Your schedule will feel weird at first. After working in an office from roughly 9 to 6 every day, it was refreshing to have short breaks during the middle of the day (when I wasn’t in class or at my graduate assistantship). However, with bursts of time off during the week came busier weekends. Gone were the days of a night out followed by a leisurely brunch followed by shopping with a friend followed by a movie night (although I was certainly thankful to be able to do just that this past weekend!). Sure, you can maybe do one or two of those things, but weekends are also key for catching up on work and sleep, meeting with classmates to nail down group project (group projects were a constant in my program), etc. Your non-student friends may have a hard time adapting to your schedule at first, but planning ahead ensures you can still make time for your normal get-togethers.

Lesson #3. Your priorities may shift. In college, I was extremely dedicated to my extracurricular work on the student newspaper. Not only did it set me up for my future jobs before grad school, but it was a great way to meet people both on and off of our staff and feel involved on campus, and I enjoyed it so much! In graduate school, my coursework, assistantship, and another part-time job in my field kept me more than busy. The requirements for my program (namely, the assistantship) kept me fulfilled outside of the classroom, and making an effort to spend time outside the classroom with the people in my program filled any social void I may have experienced due to not participating in a traditional “activity.” While I did have some friends who were involved with our grad school’s student government or other groups on campus, extra commitments just weren’t a priority for the majority us during a nine-month program (and this is coming from a group of higher ed master’s students who were nothing but involved as undergrads!).

Lesson #4. You can still have fun. When I started school, I was worried that I would never have time for social activities or dates or visits back home or to New York City. Not true! I found it totally possible to have a life outside of the classroom–maybe not every day, but after all, this is grad school, there’s obviously work involved! By planning ahead, it was super easy to buzz up to NYC from Philadelphia and spend a quick weekend with my friends back there. Since some of my grad school friends were part-time students who also worked, we often met up for lunch and caught up mid-day while they were on campus for their jobs. Where there’s a will, there’s a way, people!

Have any pressing grad school q’s or other tips to share? Send ’em my way!


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Gallery Wall


As you may know, I moved into my new place last weekend and am finally feeling a little more settled! I was so excited to start unpacking and decorating so I managed to set my place up pretty quickly (also, since I have been living in apartments for three years, I didn’t have to purchase too much new stuff, which made the process easier–although I may have added a few new pieces of decor, oops!). On Friday I decided to take the plunge and put up my gallery wall. I have actually never hung a gallery wall over my couch before but have always loved the look. Even if you aren’t looking at the pictures when you’re sitting on the couch, I think having a fun gallery there looks great when you walk into a room. I am a wall art fanatic so I had TONS of pieces to sort through, but I’m happy with the ones I chose for this space! Many of the pictures and frames came from HomeGoods/TJ Maxx or Etsy!

I am not the most patient person when it comes to decorating, so I actually didn’t do what you’re supposed to do when laying out a gallery wall, which to cut pieces of newspaper to match the size of your frames and put those on the wall first to make sure you know exactly where you want your items to go. However, I am pretty confident in my basic handyman skills and went ahead and hung my stuff anyway. I have the worst spatial perception when it comes to important things, like parallel parking, but I’m not too bad when it comes to hanging artwork 😉


I’m loving how my gallery turned out (despite the poor quality of this photo), and the the best part is that if I ever get tired of these prints, I can just swap them out with new ones and still keep all the fun frames.

What are your gallery wall tips?

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Real Life as Explained by Pinterest Quotes

I always love reading those BuzzFeed articles with gifs that perfectly describe a situation, and the other day when I was browsing on Pinterest (my guilty pleasure), I came across a bunch of quotes that when pieced together hilariously describe adult life. Without further ado…

When you land the dream job you’ve been lusting after for months:


When you realize that you’ll never kick your caffeine addiction now that you’re a working girl:


When you get your first grown-up apartment but realize that you’re going to need to work, like, three years to afford that couch you have your eye on:


When you realize that you have no idea how to grocery shop now that you’re no longer on a meal plan:


When you determine your adulthood criteria for making friends:


When your friend asks you for Friday night plan suggestions:


How you justify your lifestyle to your parents:


How all of your resolutions begin:


When you realize that despite all of your complaining, your twenties go by quickly, so you should cherish them!


All images are from Pinterest. Check out my quotes board here!

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