Legs for Days


Let’s talk about legs. Furniture legs, that is (this isn’t a fitness blog!). I was browsing my usual design sites (Domino, My Domaine, etc) and came across an article that highlighted this amazing website, Pretty Pegs, where you can buy table legs to go with Ikea furniture! The legs are sized perfectly to fit Ikea’s pieces and they honestly look like they’d make such a difference.

The only thing I’m a bit hesitant about is the price–it seems unlikely that someone would be willing to spend $170 to jazz up an Ikea table (why not just buy one cuter table at that price and leave it at that?) but I do think this is a fun way to mix high and low end looks. I mean, how awesome do the legs look on the table above?

I’m also loving these for a coffee table–gold mid-century style legs? Yes, please!

What do you think about this idea? Silly to spend extra money on inexpensive furniture, or an awesome Ikea-hack type of strategy?

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