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Meow, meow! I’m so overdue for a blog post about the cat cafe in Georgetown, Crumbs and Whiskers! I’ve now been by three times (woah), so I’ve seen it all. If you’re looking for a fun activity to do in DC (or LA, they have a location there as well), I highly recommend it!

My first visit was in August when I took a “cat yoga” class, aka yoga with cats crawling at your feet (and under you during downward dog). The actual yoga was very, very beginner, so it was fun and didn’t require a ton of attention (I was more focused on the furry creatures roaming the room). I did notice one kitty throw up on someone’s mat at the start of class (#nervous #gladitwasntmine) and another clawed at my mat a bit. So this isn’t necessarily a class to which you show up in your Lululemon best (unless you want to get cat hair all over those black leggings!). I thought the whole experience was hilarious and enjoyed squeezing in some kitty cuddles and a quick workout.

I then went back a few weeks later with a friend from out of town, and more recently my mom and I stopped by mid-week (the cafe does require reservations, which cost $15 per person. Food and drink–they serve macarons, and the coffee cups come with adorable sayings–can be ordered once you arrive and is extra). Both times, we had a blast sipping coffee, entertaining the cats with a few different toys, taking tons of pictures, and people watching (I’m pretty sure my friend and I saw a couple on a Tinder date). The cats are all up for adoption and range in personality from super feisty to completely calm and shy. I’ll let the pictures tell the rest of the story!

img_3835 img_3836




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