Easy ways to treat yourself…


…without spending too much time or money.

  • Grab a piece of candy (or two) from the ever-tempting office stash without feeling guilty about indulging.
  • Read a few chapters of a new book before bed.
  • Light a candle and do a face mask on a random Tuesday night.
  • Eat your favorite breakfast food for dinner.
  • Order something on Amazon Prime that you could’ve just picked up at the store. Time is money, people!
  • Blast your favorite Pandora station while getting ready in the morning or on your commute home.
  • Treat yourself to an affordable massage or manicure.
  • Pick up a weird seasonal flavor of something just to try it.
  • Call or FaceTime a loved one.
  • Buy an issue of your favorite magazine even if spending $5 on something you’ll look at for 30 minutes feels silly.

What would you add?

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