Long Time, No Talk


It’s casually been a month since I last posted…oops. Here’s to hoping more posts will go up while I’m on vacation! In the meantime, a few fun links…

  1. How perfect are these adorable AND affordable gingham flannel sheets? Brb, ordering a pair. You’d never guess where they’re from…
  2. Has anyone seen this movie? I’ve heard great things so far and am putting it on my must-see list! Who doesn’t love Emma + Ryan + musicals?
  3. What are you reading? I just finished two Liane Moriarty books and am plowing my way through several others that have been on my to-read list. Thank goodness for vacation!
  4. Need some living room inspo? I’m loving everything about this design scheme.
  5. The best brunch in every state, because, duh.

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