The Best Feel-Good Movies on Netflix


HAPPY 2017! I hope everyone had a fantastic New Years Eve. I was sick and had to cancel my plans (so bummed) but ended up having a pretty relaxing night in…Indian delivery + blogging + watching NYE coverage on tv = fine by me!

Now that the holidays are over, it’s easy to feel down in the dumps. Several of my friends have been dreading heading back to reality, and I don’t blame them! Between several days of vacation and a sick day, it feels like it’s been forever since I’ve been spent a full day in the office.

While 2016 has definitely been deemed the year of good TV, I always like going back and watching old favorites, and Netflix has no shortage of feel-good movies available to stream. Looking to cure those winter blues? Here are a few of my lighthearted faves:

10 Things I Hate About You: I loved this movie in high school and haven’t re-watched it in ages. It may be time–I love Julia Stiles and I guess I have a theme going here, because she also stars in the Prince & Me!

Serendipity: The cutest holiday movie that also happens to take place in NYC! When I lived in the city, I ventured over to Serendipity to get the famous frozen hot chocolate a few times and now I’m craving it just writing this…

Grease: Another one I haven’t seen in ages! I’ve been obsessed with the Grease soundtrack lately (no idea why) and am going to have to watch this one again soon!

The Prince & Me: Another cute, fluffy movie that’s perfect for anyone obsessed with royals (isn’t that all of us these days?!).

Love Actually: I’m not as into this one as everyone else seems to be, but how could I leave it off this list? It’s a great one to watch year-round, so don’t feel bad turning it on even after the holidays are over.

The Parent Trap: Ok, when I heard that The Parent Trap was coming to Netflix in January, I thought it was going to be the version from my childhood, not the original. However, I’ve seen this one back in the day and would probably watch it again…but give us the Lindsay Lohan version sometime soon, ok?!

Bridget Jones Diary: A classic, and who can resist Colin Firth and Hugh Grant (they also both star in Love Actually). Make it a marathon and watch both back-to-back!

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