Hey, 2017


Happy 2017! With the new year here, what better time to start sharing a few goals, plans, and thoughts? Check out some of mine below.

I’ve always thought it would be fun to take a bartending class–or a mixology class, as they’re often called–and am on the hunt for the perfect place to enroll in one in DC. Requirements: affordable, easy enough, and convenient…anyone have any recs?

I have two weddings coming up in early 2017 (one in February and one in April) and I’m excited to celebrate with college friends and also expand my travel horizons. The April wedding is in Seattle, and while I’ll only be there for a few days, I’d love to hear about any must-see or must-do things to add to my list! It will be my first time traveling there and right now the only things I associate with the city are Starbucks, Macklemore, Bill Gates, and Grey’s Anatomy. Help a girl out!

Speaking of weddings, my friends and I have been going back and forth sharing our outfit ideas with one another. One debate that came up: is black appropriate for an evening wedding? What about in general? I’ve googled and found mixed answers, although most people seem to believe that in this day and age, black is a yes.

Looking to step up your Insta game? This book has gotten rave reviews (not to mention the cover sure is pretty) and I just picked up a copy of my own. Time to add Aimee Song to your “following” list.

Has anyone taken a self-defense class in DC? It’s something I’d like to do, maybe with a friend. Again, if you have recs for places that are affordable, informative, and convenient, let me know…

Whew. Time to enjoy one last day of relaxation before the work week kicks into gear. Happy New Year, all!

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