5 Small Ways to Keep Your Apartment Tidy


I’ve always been a clean freak, but living alone has made me realize what a mess one person can make! I feel like I’m constantly taking out the trash, vacuuming my floors, doing laundry…blah!

My guess is that, whether you live alone or with roommates, chores consume a large part of your week (or weekends) and somehow you always feel like there’s still more to be done. While it’s tempting to shove all of the clutter into a closet and call it a day, that’s obviously not the most sustainable choice in the long run. Today I’m sharing five tips that work for me when it comes to keeping my apartment in order. Even if you hate cleaning more than anything else, at least you’ll be in less of a scramble if a friend (or parent!) decides to stop by last minute.

1. Make. your. bed. There’s a reason this is always the first thing people tell you to do when tidying up your home–it really does make a difference! When sheets are haphazardly curled up in a ball and pillows are scattered across the floor, it’s hard to get into a “clean” mindset. Of course there are some days when I’m running late in the morning and barely have time to brush my teeth, let alone pick up after myself, I always feel better when I cross this simple task off of my mental list.

2. Vacuum. I kid you not when I tell you that my first Christmas present after graduating from college was a nice vacuum (#adulting). If you don’t have one, get one–you’ll thank me later when your floors are spotless!

3. Designate a “recycle” area. I keep a paper bag in my kitchen at all times and use it to collect soup cans, bottles, and cardboard packaging so that it’s easy to bring everything down to the recycling bin at once. Don’t let empty wine bottles clutter up your counter (or worse–end up in the regular trash!).

4. Toss those freebies. Unless it’s something you’ll actually use, you can toss that promotional notepad or magnet and make room for more special items. The last thing you want is extra junk cluttering up your already small space.

5. Magic erase. I’m convinced that magic erasers are one of the best inventions ever. Whether you have a small scuff stain on the wall or can’t get that mark off your stovetop, grab a magic eraser and go. to. town. You’ll thank me later 🙂

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