Best New York City Themed Gifts


This coming weekend (!) I’m going to New York City to visit college friends as well as grad school friends, and I couldn’t be more excited! Ever since I’ve moved away from NYC (and even when I lived there, to be honest) I keep finding the cutest city-themed decor–and the best part is that it isn’t at all cheesy (which can be tough in a city filled with touristy souvenir shops!). Here are my favorite items…time to start a NYC collection?

1.Β Tiffany NYC mug//Ok, this is super pricy for a mug, but how cute is the design?!

2. NYC print//I’ve loved these prints for ages, and they also sell a DC version!

3. NYC pillow//Bring the big apple home with this fun piece.

4. NY cutting board//Over the top? Nah. Plus, it’s available on Amazon.

5. NYC mug//These mugs are SO cute and inexpensive. My friends and I are obsessed with them and love the different state options!

I’m so excited to be back in the city soon. My last trip up was in June, and it’s been far too long. I’m excited to hopefully try some newer places that have opened up since I’ve moved: by CHLOE (I want to try the regular meals as well as the sweets!), Levain Bakery (somehow I never made it over there while living in the city, but since my friends all live on the Upper West Side, it’ll have to happen!), and a bunch of restaurants downtown (every time I see a cool place on Instagram, I take a screenshot, so I’ll have to start making a master list!).

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