Valentine’s Day Gift Guide


It’s official…Valentine’s Day candy is already lining drugstore shelves (grab me a bag of anything cinnamon flavored or gummy, please!), and what better way to treat the leading ladies in your life than with some small gifts in honor of the holiday? Whether your friend loves Valentine’s Day or absolutely cannot wait for it to be over, my guess is one of these gifts will make her smile.

1. Kate Spade Drinkware//These blush glasses are the perfect gift for Valentine’s Day, but they’re also totally acceptable to use all year long!

2. Volupsa Candle//I’m on a huge candle kick lately, and I don’t know anyone who wouldn’t love receiving this as a gift!

3. Heart Trays//Here’s another gift that’s easy to split up among friends and will add a fun touch to her home.

4. Earring Set//Three pairs of earrings for $16?! Divvy up the pack and treat three friends to a little something.

5. Cozy Coloring Book//A little something to help her de-stress. I’ve been getting back into adult coloring books lately and love how this one includes recipes!

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