Genuine Liquorette at Home

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Genuine Liquorette at Home

I keep seeing the cutest Instagram pictures of Genuine Liquorette, a new bar that opened up in Manhattan and is famous for serving canned drinks with mini bottles of alcohol on top. I’ve been wanting to go and didn’t get a chance to try it out this trip, but one of my friends pointed out that it’s really easy enough to recreate their funky cocktails at home. So, off I went to pick up some airplane-sized liquor bottles (I already had the fun variety of sodas, juices, and seltzers on hand)…

Genuine Liquorette at Home

And the drinks couldn’t look cuter! You’ll definitely want to pour some of the soda/seltzer/etc out of the can before pouring one of the mini alcohol bottles in, or else it’ll overflow…as I learned the hard way. I mean, duh. I don’t know why I thought executing this idea wouldn’t be as effortless as it looks on Instagram 😉

I also don’t know how all of the pictures I’ve seen show somewhat full bottles of alcohol…like, do they pour some into the drink and put the cap back on? Or just never take it off at all when they hand you the drink? Inquiring minds want to know. All in all, though, this is a fun way to try mixing a few new cocktails without shelling out tons of money for ingredients. Plus, it makes for super cute pictures.

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