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It’s funny how some days I really couldn’t care less about what I wear to work out, whereas other days I want my outfit to be as cute and on-trend as possible (this is usually if I’m going to a class–because if I’m paying for a special gym experience, I may as well wear something other than a ratty t-shirt!). Workout gear is always fun to shop for because it’s generally practical and comfortable but also can involve fun patterns and colors. While I usually only wear solid colored pants to work, printed leggings are totally fair game when it’s time to exercise. I definitely don’t need to expand upon my workout clothing collection at the moment, but if any of you do, here are some of the items at the top of my wish list.

1) Black capris. I have another pair of pants by the same brand and I LOVE them. They’ve lasted me for years, are super flattering, and don’t show signs of pilling like Lululemon pants can.

2) Running shoes. These are so cute! I currently have a pair of bright Nikes that I received at a press event in 2013, and they’ve held up extremely well. I love adding a pop of color through my running shoes.

3) Workout top. You can’t go wrong with a classic black tank. Pick ’em up anywhere, really!

4) Headband. I love Lululemon headbands and have several. Not only are they stylish but they also really help hold my hair back!

5) Foam roller. I am obsessed with my foam roller. It’s seriously like getting a mini massage every time I use it. If you don’t have one, scoop one up to use after your workouts or even just before bed. You’ll thank me later!

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