Why I Love Having a Small Wardrobe


When it comes to home decor, I can’t get enough. I love to get my hands on the latest trends and invest in classic pieces. But when it comes to clothing, I’m much more simplistic. Even back before KonMari-ing everything was all the rage, I always appreciated a good closet clean-out and preferred to have a small number of items to wear. Seeing people’s closets that are bursting at the seams (which for most girls would be a dream-like scenario) actually makes me stressed! Here’s why I like to keep things simple:

1) I like to feel like I actually wear everything I own. When you have tons and tons of clothes, how often do you actually get to wear and appreciate each item? I’d rather have a few tried and true favorites than 20 “favorites” that I only wear once a year or so.

2) I like to see everything I own. Out of sight, out of mind is often the case when it comes to clothes. There’s no point in storing extra tops in under-bed bins if you’re going to forget to open them! I like to have everything hung up in my closet or folded in my dresser drawers. Anything that doesn’t fit in those two places is just extra.

3) It makes getting ready easier. I’m already a fairly indecisive person, so why make getting dressed in the morning any more chaotic? When I can see everything in front of me and have a few solid options (rather than dozens!) it’s easier (in my opinion) to piece together an outfit and head out the door! There’s no need to spend hours changing before going out at night if you have fewer options from the start!

That said, there are a few clothing items I’d like to invest in at some point in the near future…

-Nicer workwear. While my office is pretty casual, especially in the summer, I’d like to dress things up a bit. I’m keeping an eye out for new blouses, cardigans, and perfect pairs of pants (always so hard to find!).

-A few more dresses. I used to own a ton of dresses and wore them all the time, but the patterns were pretty loud and trendy and they got old quickly. I’d like to pick up some more subtle pieces that can be dressed up or down and worn to various occasions.

Do you prefer a full closet or an emptier one? I’m sure I’m in the minority, but there’s a reason why simplicity is so popular lately, so who knows! Have you done a KonMari-inspired cleaning spree?

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