A Few Tidbits + How to Score Diptyque on Sale

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Happy Friday! I’ve been posting a lot because I’m on vacation and have had extra time to write, which has been wonderful. Going forward, my goal is to post three times a week, which I think is pretty manageable. Help me hold myself accountable!

I’ve come across some great websites/series lately, and because sharing is caring, I’m going to pass them along to you all…

1) If you’re like me and you’re 1) nosy and 2) trying to be better at budgeting, you’ve come to the right place. I don’t remember how I discovered Refinery 29’s Money Diaries series (one of the stories may have popped up on my news feed), but I found out about these pieces about a week ago and have been hooked ever since. I was so inspired after reading several that I sat down to reevaluate my budget in order to be better at staying on track!

I found it super interesting to see how different women spent their earnings and how factors like location and relationship status played a role. I also noticed that barely anyone was doing any shopping! People spent a lot more money on groceries and going out to dinner but really steered away from things like Amazon Prime and impulse buys…food for thought and definitely good inspiration!

2) If you love Diptyque candles but are looking for a discount…check out C.O. Bigelow. Traditional Diptyque candles don’t go on sale (unless you’re talking about a sample sale in New York City, and even then, they go quickly!). But C.O. Bigelow offers a $10 discount upon signing up for emails, and when you pair that with free shipping, you’re getting a better deal on a splurge-worthy candle. I’ve also snagged some of the holiday candles on sale here, and combined with the $10 coupon, they were a great deal — think $7 for a mini and $25 for a regular size!

3) I am always looking for tips on how to improve my poor, damaged hair (which has been straightened nearly every day since I was 13…eek) and I’m hoping to try out some of Danielle’s tips. Fingers crossed! I always love trying new products, so I may check out some of her recs. Let me know if you have any advice to send my way.

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