An Easy DIY for Summer


If you’ve been reading for awhile, you may remember my obsession with this hat last summer. While in Florida last week, I decided to make my own! I was wandering around Walmart when I remembered their amazing craft supplies section (they have tons of great fabrics, ribbons, and more). I was able to score some pom pom ribbon, black sequins, and a glue gun for about $12 total, and I then went to the women’s section to grab a plain straw hat for $3.

I had previously read Audrey’s tutorial (her hats turned out wonderfully!) but opted for an even simpler approach. After plugging in the glue gun (warning: the glue can get pretty hot and I definitely touched it too many times while applying the sequins!) I began applying the pom pom ribbon to the hat. I chose black because it went well with the black sequins, but Walmart also had pink, teal, and some other colors. I was considering skipping the sequin lettering all together and just adding some colorful pom poms to a plain hat (still would’ve been cute and festive!), but I decided I wanted a little more of a challenge.


In Audrey’s tutorial, she used permanent marker to write out her phrases before applying glue and sequins, but I couldn’t find a marker and decided to wing it. Oh, and as for the sequins: the only sequined ribbon I could find at Walmart was a thicker style, so I actually ended up cutting the ribbon down the middle to get thinner strips. This took a bit more time (and made a bit more of a mess), but it was an easy way to improvise. The letters still turned out thicker than I would have liked, but I don’t mind having a hat that’s a bit different from all the rest. After cutting the sequined ribbon in half, I glued on one letter at a time (I used the glue gun to draw the shape of a particular letter and then immediately stuck on the ribbon). At first, I started forming the letters on my own, but I eventually Google-imaged a similar hat to see how other people had done the cursive lettering. Looking at a completed project definitely made the process a lot easier.


After what felt like no time at all (15 or 20 minutes max!), I had a brand new sunhat to wear to the beach! While I don’t think it looks like it’s professional quality, I still think it makes for a fun, simple DIY project that requires minimal spending and will last for summers to come! You can get really creative with the phrasing, but I just stuck with the classic “out of office” saying…let me know if you have any other phrase suggestions, though, because I’d love to make another one at some point!


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