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South Moon Under Finds

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South Moon Under Finds

Just because I won’t be shopping in April doesn’t mean you can’t! I’ve rounded up some of my favorite pink finds.
A Sarah Secret: Stores that are traditionally known for their clothing and accessories can sell some super cute home items. Don’t discount them! I mean, Zara and H&M have great home sections, and so does Modcloth. Next time you’re browsing for a new pair of shoes or a springy dress, don’t forget to take a peek and see what else is in store (literally!). That brings me to another clothing store that happens to have amazing decor…South Moon Under!
I love shopping at South Moon Under and this post is in no way affiliated with them; I just genuinely like all of their items! There was a South Moon Under store located pretty near me when I lived in Philly, so I’d stop in from time to time (I’d usually rush straight toward their sale section). For primarily being a clothing store, they also have some really cute accessories, home items, and desk items and they frequently have great sales and discounts. I’ve ordered from them online several times since I’ve moved to DC because I just can’t get enough of their stuff!
Here are my current favorites:
1) Lip Balm: I have this lip balm in another flavor and I use it all the time. If you’re like me and love trying new colors and scents, pick this one up (if not for the adorable container).
2) Candle: Umm, a candle with a Notorious B.I.G. quote? File under quirky items I love. I bet it smells great, too!
3) Mug: Ok, I am the last person in the world who should be buying another coffee mug, so I’ll resist the urge…I have way. too. many. Blame it on TJ Maxx and HomeGoods always having adorable, witty options. But this one is so fun and, if we’re being honest, would be all the rage on Instagram. Plus, who doesn’t want to share their love for rose?
4) Notebook: Again, my obsession with notebooks is similar to my obsession with mugs…aka I do NOT need another. But, if you do…
5) Tray: I love little jewelry trays and throwing a fun quote in the mix makes them even better!
 6) Ring Dish: This would be so cute for a newly engaged or married friend…love the pink, too!
7) Lipstick: See explanation for item #1…
8) Make Up Eraser Cloth: I’d be curious to try this, although when it comes to makeup remover, I’m usually not too picky and go for the drugstore option. Bonus points for being an eco friendly option, though!
9) Pink Candle: A candle (or 3 or 4) for every room of the house is a must! This one is super sweet and girly.

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