J. Crew Field Jacket Love + A Wedding Guest Dress


This picture is so old (as in, it’s from my senior year of college in 2013, hence the highlighted hair and brand new J.Crew field jacket), and it’s from an outfit shoot that my friend and I did before bringing her pet bunny to an outdoor party (oh, college…and the bunny was on a leash, don’t worry).

But, the point of this picture is to showcase my J.Crew field jacket (which still looks pretty darn good after 4+ years) and explain its wonderfulness.

I originally ordered the jacket because a girl on my college newspaper staff had one that I liked, and it was much cheaper than a Barbour. I finally ordered a Barbour this past winter but haven’t won it yet because the weather has been all over the place lately! Since purchasing the field jacket in 2013, I’ve seen it everywhere. Everyone and their mother has it (literally) and it’s even made its way onto TV shows (Claire from Modern Family can be seen rocking the navy blue version!).

What I like most about this jacket is how not bulky it is compared to a Barbour. This jacket can fold right up and be stashed in a suitcase or even a tote without taking up too much room, making it perfect for travel. It’s also appropriate for school and work alike, comes in flattering colors (I think practically everyone looks good in navy blue and hunter green), and has remained in style year after year. It’s also held up extremely well after tons of wear and tear and is probably the only jacket that’s made it with me from Maine to NYC to Philly and now to DC.

I recently decided that I loved the jacket so much that I wanted to try out the navy color. I found the navy version on Poshmark for only $23, and I can’t wait to wear it this spring! The seller noted that the jacket was from J.Crew Factory, and not J.Crew, and while it looks the exact same, the material is slightly different — it’s less of a vinyl and is a bit softer, but I still love it!

This weekend, I’m heading to Seattle for a college friend’s wedding and can’t wait to see her and be reunited with a ton of Colby friends (her soon-to-be-husband went to college with us, too!). Below is a (dressing room quality) picture of what I’m wearing on the big day! The dress is from LOFT and is available here. I actually found it hanging up with the sale merchandise and learned it was an online return. Thankfully, it happened to fit, although I ended up exchanging the 4P for a regular 4 (the petite size, shown here, just felt too short!). I love it and as one of my friends pointed out, I can easily dress it down a bit for work events.


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