Why I Love Blogging as a Hobby + What I’ve Learned

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For me, writing has always been a source of entertainment and relaxation. I’ve been writing little stories and reflections since I was a kid, and I love being able to keep up this hobby as an adult. What have I learned so far? I’ll go into further detail below, but first… Blogging is definitely tough in that there are currently so, so many blogs out there, and it’s easy to feel overwhelmed! I struggle to keep up with all of my favorite blogs because there just isn’t time in the day! At the same time, I worry that people are cycling through the same 10 or 15 blogs and are never going to find mine. And while my readership is still small, it’s been so much fun to produce content that I don’t really think about numbers…which brings me to my first point:

1) Whether you have a dozen readers or hundreds, write as if you have thousands. In college, I took a History of Rock class pass/fail during my senior spring. But producing mediocre work was actually harder than just trying my best! And I don’t mean this as a humble brag–I genuinely think that oftentimes, it’s harder to do something just halfway. Sure, if something is really challenging, it’ll be hard to perform well, and if something comes naturally, it’ll be super easy. But that in between? It seems less common. By senior year, I had mastered how to write essays and study for tests, so I was able to perform well even though I didn’t “have to.” And as a Type A person in general, I wanted to do well even if I didn’t have to. Basically, what I’m trying to say here is that I don’t try to write blog posts that are “just ok” because “no one is going to read them anyway.” I’d rather try my best, be proud of the work I produce, and feel even better when it gets noticed!

2) Know your weaknesses. Photography is not my strength. And that sucks when it comes to blogging. While I love artistic projects, I’m more into hands-on creating or DIYs. Photography is just harder for me! However, photography is relatively easy to outsource, and Instagram and other editing apps make it easy to produce pretty (enough) pictures with the touch of a few buttons. Of course I’ll always look at blogs with awesome photography and think, “Why can’t I do that?!” But there are other bloggers who seem to outsource all of their photography, down to pictures of their lunches! So there’s no one right way, I suppose.

3) Engage, engage, engage! Particularly with accounts that draw a similar readership to yours, but also with larger sites, because readers of that blog may click on your comment and decide they enjoy your page. But, it all comes down to the philosophy we learned when Facebook came out years ago: If you want someone to write on your wall, write on theirs. Same goes for blogging. Unless you magically start out with a large following, you can’t just sit back and wait for people to come and find you. Reach out, and be genuine. Don’t leave a comment just to leave a comment, but if a post particularly inspires you, don’t be afraid to say so! I love when people leave comments on my posts, and I’m sure most other bloggers feel the same way!

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