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Happpppy Thursday! Ok, for starters…has anyone tried the Unicorn Frap? I was going back and forth about getting it (mostly for the insta, let’s be real), but decided it just sounded to gross to even sample! I read a lot of mixed reviews online and while we can all agree it’s a super ‘grammable drink, mango + sour flavor + strange colors don’t really entice me when all is said and done! But the drink is around for a few more days, so I could easily bite the bullet…

I’ve found a few links that are too good not to share (and yes, they’re a little bit all over the place):

How gorgeous is this glam apartment?! It’s a little more modern than I generally prefer, but I’m obsessed with the bar tray, lucite stools, and all of that storage! Studio living is taken to the next level!

A friend circulated this article in our group chat the other day, and we all had a good laugh. Is your name on here?

Bummed that your friend didn’t give you a plus one for her wedding? Well, this celeb is following suit (although I don’t think it has to do with cost!).

Anyone who appreciates banana leaf print will love this apartment.

Shared this one on Facebook the other day (and I’m kind of jealous of the people who wrote it): how your favorite TV show apartments compare to real NYC abodes.

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