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I love when other bloggers do these posts (although I have to be honest, some of these pictures haven’t even made to Instagram yet). You know when you’re either on a roll blogging or get behind? I’ve definitely been a bit slow on posts since coming back from Seattle, but here’s to hoping I’ll be on more of a regular schedule now that my travel schedule has slowed down! (Meanwhile, many of my other friends will be away almost every weekend in April/May for bachelorette parties, weddings, and the like…’tis the season!).

My to-read list is growing, growing, growing, and these are just a few more books I added to the pile: a historical fiction book about the most popular man at the moment (Alexander Hamilton, duh!), a thriller that I’ve seen all over Instagram and have been meaning to read, and a library book that a few of my friends have enjoyed. Now where to start…



Ginger jar lovers, you can purchase this tray right this way



I saw the cutest sign in Georgetown on my way back from SoulCycle the other evening and had to stop and take a picture. I mean, it’s basically my life philosophy and how pretty are the tulips?



The. cutest. cookie. When I saw it on Instagram, I knew I had to try it (and ‘gram it). It was pricy for a dessert, but what can you expect from Dean and Deluca?



I went to several farmers markets in Seattle, and all of them had the prettiest flowers! My friend Chloe, who hosted me for an evening, picked up the prettiest (huge) bouquet for a mere $15.



My friends and I offset our multiple wine tastings with healthy breakfasts…this granola bowl was delicious and filling!


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