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Long time, no blog! I’m back to share a few things I’ve been loving lately and a few exciting adventures I have planned:

Loving Lately:

DC Things: I’ve been making an effort to try to do more of the things that have been on my DC list for ages. I don’t know what’s been stopping me from trying out that cute coffee shop or wandering into a store I’ve been itching to see. Last weekend was pretty much wide open for me, so I decided to check out Laduree (of course!), Little Red Fox (an adorable coffee shop), BToo (which sells the amazing waffle donut shown above), and Salt and Sundry (a cute store that sells home goods). It’s probably a good thing I didn’t find these places before, because they’re all equally amazing and tempting!


Spinning: I’ve still been spinning a ton lately, but I tried a new studio that’s much more convenient for me and managed to snag a Groupon deal that, when combined with another promo, allowed me to purchase 3 classes for $36! That’s basically the price of one SoulCycle, so I was thrilled!

Reading: I’ve read several good books so far this month (seriously can’t wait to write my May roundup, because I’m excited to share all of my recent reads with you), but I also ordered two new books that I can’t wait to start. One is about the complexity of female friendships and is SO applicable to life as a 20-something, and the other book is also nonfiction and profiles the paths that various women take following their college graduation. Can anyone tell I was a sociology major?!


Looking Forward To: 

The Cape: My college friends are spread out all across the country (literally from Boston to Alaska and everywhere in between), but this July, six of us (basically the whole East Coast crew) are meeting up in Cape Cod where we’ll be renting a house for three days! I am so, so excited to see everyone and have a relaxing weekend together. We’ve had a blast going to weddings together this spring, but our time together has always flown by wayyyy too quickly and we decided that a little summer trip was just what the doctor ordered! I’ve only been to the Cape once before, the summer before I started college, so I’m excited to re-discover the area. Thank goodness one of my coworkers has spent years on the Cape and was able to help us choose an Airbnb in a great location and provide us with a long list of restaurants, shops, and more!

Eric Church: I LOVE country music, but somehow I’ve never been to a country concert! I’ve been trying to focus more on taking advantage of experiences rather than purchasing things, and when I saw Eric Church was coming to DC, I texted a fellow country-obsessed friend and we made plans to go next Friday! Look for us there in our cowboy boots 😉

Writing for Houzz: After my apartment was featured on Houzz awhile back, I was invited to become a freelance writer for the website and I am SO excited! Peeking into people’s houses + writing about them + meeting fellow DC residents with adorable spaces is basically my dream! I have my first interview/shoot with someone this weekend and I can’t wait to write up the piece (and finally see one of the adorable spaces I’ve been stalking on Instagram for some time now!).

I’ve also started watching Girlboss on Netflix and am not sure what I think…entertaining, but not addicting, at least in my opinion. Also, the actress playing Sophia sometimes looks a little bit like Rory Gilmore to me! I can’t wait for Kimmy Schmidt to return to Netflix next week, though. Coincidentally, I requested next Friday off from work, so you can bet I’ll be binge watching all day…

Writing posts like these makes me realize how many exciting things are on the horizon, and even though things have been far from perfect lately (because life is always throwing us for a curve, amirite?), having something to look forward to always makes a dreary week a little bit better. What have you been loving or looking forward to lately?

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