Last summer, frozen rosé, or frosé, became a big trend in cities like New York and DC (Brixton on U Street makes an awesome version, if you’re local and itching to try it!).

Over Memorial Day Weekend, I had plans to catch up with a friend on Sunday night and decided to make my own frosé to celebrate! I was thinking about pouring rosé into an ice cube tray and then mixing it in a blender, but after consulting Grace’s recipe, I decided to follow that instead. Rather than using all of the ingredients she lists, I chose to blend strawberries with a small amount of water and pour that into the gallon-sized bag that I’d filled with rosé. I popped the mixture into the freezer for about 6 hours, poured it into glasses, and garnished with a strawberry. While I had been worried that the mixture would be too frozen and would need to be thawed a bit before serving, the consistency was totally fine (thought it wasn’t as smoothie-like as Grace’s appears to have been).


So if you’re looking for a fun drink to make for your next gathering or just want to try something new with that bottle of rosé you have lying around, I’d recommend this recipe (if you can even call it that–it’s so simple) 100 percent! If you make your own frosé, let me know how it turns out (my guess is I’ll make this again and again, but maybe with different bottles/flavors of wine–it’s perfect for summer!).

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