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I’ll be heading up to NYC in a few weeks for a four-day weekend, and I can’t wait. It seems like after I left, several more of my friends ended up there (thanks, guys)…but on the plus side, it means there are always plenty of people to visit!

I’ll have Friday to roam around the city a bit while everyone’s at work. Since there are so many places I’ve been wanting to try, I really don’t mind spending the day alone! I’m thinking I’ll FINALLY grab a bite to eat at ByChloe, maybe head up to the Strand, and try Cha Cha Matcha. Oooh, and I’ll have to make a point to try the cookie dough my friend was raving about!

The people I’ll be staying with all live on the Upper West Side, meaning that I’ll have to make a point to head crosstown and visit my old neighborhood on the Upper East Side! I love walking by my favorite bars and restaurants up there and popping into favorite shops (even Paper Source is more exciting in NYC!).

S0 many people tell me that they could never live in New York, but I absolutely loved my time there and am so glad I can still take an occasional visit or two each year! The two years that I lived there absolutely flew by, but at the risk of sounding cliche, I truly made memories there that will last a lifetime. As several of my friends and I have left the city, we’ve still remained close and joke about good times at our favorite Friday night spots or embarrassing scenarios from our early 20s. New York, I’ll always love you and can’t wait to see you soon!

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