Wanna know something weird? The last time I spent a full summer in DC (that is, more than just two weeks) was when I was going into my JUNIOR year of college. How crazy is that?! As much as I love being back in the area, my allergies have been so, so terrible this week. I (knock on wood) don’t get sick frequently during the year, but when spring allergy season comes around, I suffer hard. Anyway, this week’s roundup is short and sweet. I hope everyone has a fabulous, allergy-free weekend!

On my playlist: This peppy lil’ jam.

On my nightstand: Finished Sugar (loved it!) and just started this thriller (not sure what took me so long!).

On my mind: My good friend Ashley has started a blog/Insta! Follower her over at @largecoldbrew 🙂

On my wish list: I’m lusting over this brown tote bag and am thinking about getting it for my Paris trip in August (more details on that later!).

On the agenda: Spending the weekend in NYC catching up with friends from college and grad school! (I’m also looking forward to checking out a bunch of new-to-me places, mainly several new restaurants and coffee shops like Cha Cha Match and ByChloe!).

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