5 Things to Do Before You Move


It seems like everyone moves over the summer. My lease is up in August, and I’m planning on renewing it for another year, but lots of my friends are in the process of looking for new places, moving in with significant others, etc. And it seems like whenever I talk to people who ARE staying in their apartments, it’s the first time that they’re doing so since college!

Being on the go is just a fact of life when you’re in your 20s, but if I’ve learned anything over the past several years since college (which have been filled with five different moves), there are definitely ways to ease stress before the big day…

1. Make a list of everything you need to do for the move. I did this last summer and it was SO helpful. I had some time off before I started my job and was able to take care of a ton of things then (like scheduling movers!) and crossing items off a physical list was so satisfying. It also definitely helped to have tasks written down in one place so that I could be sure I wasn’t forgetting anything. Most people would probably prefer to do this digitally, but it’s the concept that counts!

2. Give yourself time to sell or donate unwanted furniture. If you’re ready to part with the IKEA shelf you’ve had since apartment number one, Craigslist has you covered! Just make sure that you list items early enough in advance that you’re not scrambling to find a buyer right before moving out. If you have furniture that isn’t in good enough condition to sell or donate, you can definitely call people to pick it up and toss it, but keep in mind that this can come with a hefty fee. If you live in an apartment building, talk to your landlord before putting big items out on the street, as the last thing you’d want to do before moving is get your building ticketed! Click here to see how I handled getting rid of a less than perfect piece of furniture without causing any trouble or having to put in much effort!

3. Say bye to your neighborhood! Even if you’re just moving from one neighborhood to another within a larger city, don’t forget to make one last trip to your favorite coffee shop, bookstore, ice cream place, whatever. Of course you can always come back, but moving day (which may equal an upgraded, more exciting apartment!) will feel less sentimental (it always does, no matter what) if you feel like you made the most of your old digs/surrounding area.

4. Take care of canceling your internet, changing over renter’s insurance, updating your mailing address, and the like. I absolutely dread these tasks but feel so much better once I bite the bullet and just do them. Of course, you can’t do many of these until the last second, so add them to your master list (see tip number 1) to keep these important to do’s on your radar.

5. Eat up all that canned food! You don’t necessarily want to be moving across town (let alone across the country) with boxes of food…save money and cardboard boxes by eating up your food during the weeks leading up to your move. It’s fine to save a couple of things (you’ll need food in your new place, after all!), but think how nice it’ll feel to start over with empty cupboards. You can also donate any unopened, unexpired canned and packaged goods to a local food panty rather than hauling them with you!

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