Getting Personal: How I Started Blogging


I started blogging last July (and have since published 230+ posts!), and I can’t believe how quickly the time flew! For me, blogging has been an extremely fulfilling hobby and creative outlet. It definitely took awhile to feel like people (other than a few close friends–thanks, guys!) were reading my posts, but I was honestly fine with that (it’s a little scary to write about yourself and wonder what other people will think–so many bloggers are constantly picked apart for the slightest things!). Now that I feel more in the groove, I’m so excited to have a larger audience and am thankful for all of the Instagram friends, IRL friends, and new-to-me sites I’ve discovered over the past year.

So first, here’s a little bit about what blogging means to me…

When I was going into my sophomore year of college, I discovered The College Prepster and read it religiously. If I was awake, I seriously would log onto my computer right at midnight, knowing that a new post would be up and ready to read. I also kept up with Carly’s Tumblr every day and constantly felt inspired (I’d even ask my own fashion-related questions from time to time!). That same summer, I had major jaw surgery that left me bedridden and only able to eat through a straw for about a week. During that time, I poured over Her Campus, a new-to-me site at the time. I loved every single article on there and would text my friends about them, even though normal college life couldn’t have felt farther away.

When I returned to school, I was beyond nervous about what would lie ahead. I was already fairly shy, and while thankfully my close group of friends understood what I was going through, I was terrified for my other classmates to see my mouth filled with braces, a splint, and rubber bands, which I had to wear 22 (!) hours each day. If I knew I was going out one night, I’d rush through all of my meals and wear the rubber bands as long as I could so that I could take everything out and have two somewhat normal hours at a party… #funtimes. I couldn’t eat a lot of the normal food in the dining hall, was scared to speak up in class without being stared at, and dreaded normal things like the photo shoot and pizza party my college newspaper staff had one afternoon, because there was NO way I wanted to pose for a headshot, and I couldn’t even eat pizza!

Looking back, all of this seems kind of silly, as I have friends who’ve gone through far, far worse situations while in college AND had to experience these things without the support system that I was so fortunate to have. I’m also thankful that I was able to address the extreme jaw pain I was having (I feel so, so much better now) and had understanding professors who supported me (they were always so thoughtful and reassuring, and sophomore year ended up being my best academic year in college!). But at the time, looking and feeling weird was all I could think about. So how does this tie into blogging, you may ask?

I distinctly remember coming back to my room after class every day and catching up on my favorite blogs, which truly comforted me. Even though I felt kind of weird around people I knew in real life, lots of bloggers were kind of quirky, not to mention interesting and inspiring. I grew to follow blog after blog (Bloglovin made it all super easy!), and by junior year, I was checking the site every morning to catch up on my favorite reads. For me, blogs were an escape from the chaos of normal college life. By senior year, I started a fashion and lifestyle blog of my own where I’d profile classmates of mine. I made a point to generally steer away from covering close friends, because I really wanted to showcase a range of people, personalities, and interests. I had a great time writing these posts, chatting with classmates of mine, and just being creative.

This site didn’t ever turn into anything after college, but I still kept up with my favorite blogs when I moved to New York. When I moved back to DC last summer, I finally had a little more time (I was living at home and working shorter hours) and figured, why not?! After several confusing hours trying to set up a site on (and ultimately resorting to professional help!), DC to a T was born! It has seriously been a blast going from blog reader to blog writer (although I still read a number of blogs every day and love them). It’s also been exciting to see friends start their own blogs, meet other bloggers in the area, and see my (small) Instagram following and readership grow over the past year.

So, basically…if you’re still reading: THANK YOU. Blogging went from being an escape from real life to a way for me to TALK about my real life (well, parts of it!) and share it with you all. I am so grateful for all of the kind and supportive comments I’ve received on this site and elsewhere online. <3

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