Behind the Scenes of a Home Tour Photo Shoot

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Hado Photo

I thought this would be a fun post to write since 1) it’s always kind of interesting to learn what goes on behind the scenes at any kind of photo shoot, and 2) home shoots are different than fashion shoots (although I still tried to get myself ready, too, should there be an opportunity to jump into any of the photos). I’ve had my home shot twice now, and while I’m no expert, I did find that I was 1) exhausted by the end of the shoot each time, even though I did literally nothing while it was taking place, 2) my apartment looks so much better through the lens of a professional than it does on my iPhone, and 3) even getting my small apartment all cleaned up can take quite awhile!

In case you have a professional home tour shoot coming up or just want to prepare to take some quality photos of your place, here’s how I prepared:

Both of my shoots were on Saturday morning around 11 am. This was an ideal time lighting wise (although my apartment is always very bright, so really any time of day would’ve been fine!). It also wasn’t toooo early (I like to sleep in a bit on weekends when possible!) and allowed for some prep time in the morning.

Though I had been getting my place ready throughout the week, making last minute decorating adjustments here and there, Friday evening gave me plenty of time to finish major cleaning (spraying and scrubbing in the kitchen, dusting my windowsills, tidying up the bathroom, etc). I also went to the store to stock up on fresh flowers and small touches like lemons for my bar cart (no, I do not have real lemons sitting around at all times, haha). All of this took a couple of hours and with my place sufficiently clean, I did a big vacuum, knowing I’d do another quick one in the morning.

Saturday morning was for last minute prep, like cleaning off my glass coffee table with Windex (and feeling very “My Big Fat Greek Wedding” while doing so), doing a second round of vacuuming, putting away shoes and other random things that I didn’t want out during the shoot (into the closet they went!). I then showered, did my hair, and got myself ready while waiting for the photographer, who did ultimately want me to jump into a couple of pictures!).

My most recent shoot took about two hours, and I think the first one I did took the same length of time. Man, I was tired and hungry after all that time, and I wasn’t even doing anything! I tried to stay out of the way during the shoot, but I did enjoy watching what was going on and helping make small adjustments to a corner of the room as needed.

I’m so excited to share the results of my most recent shoot once the piece goes live! For those of you who do outfit shoots, idk how you do it 😉

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