Ways I’ve Saved Money While Traveling


Happppy Monday! Is it still possible to get the Sunday scaries during the summer? Because even though the days have been longer and the weekends have been lazier, I’m still feeling pretty busy at work right about now!

Going off last week’s post on packing tips, I thought I’d share a few super easy ways to save money while traveling. I’m all about treating yourself (especially when in NYC for a weekend…I’ll take ALL of the food and wine, please!), but when taking longer trips, I’ve found some simple ways to cut back.

1) BRING A BOOK FROM HOME. If you’re like me and like to read but also enjoy browsing the airport bookstores, this tip is for you. DO NOT (I repeat, do not!) buy a book at the airport when you could probably purchase the same item for much cheaper on Amazon (or when you could bring something that you a) already own and have been meaning to read for months or b) checked out from the library). I love using plane rides as a way to catch up on fun reading, but there’s really no reason to cough up $25 for a hardcover airport book! Just say no. 😉

2) Go to the grocery store. If your travel destination is close to a grocery store, do a quick shop for essentials (this is better for trips that are 3+ days long, because otherwise you probably won’t finish everything you buy). If you’re traveling with friends, decide ahead of time when you’d like to go out to eat and when you’d like to stay at home, and shop for food accordingly. Keeping healthy, affordable breakfast food such as egg whites, yogurt, or Luna/Rx bars around the house (or Airbnb) can be a smart solution if your group plans on doing fancier lunches or dinners out. Just don’t buy things that you won’t eat or won’t finish, unless you can bring them back with you or hand them off to another member of your group who’s staying longer…if you end up tossing half of the grocery store items you bought to be “frugal,” you’re not saving any money! Trust me, I’ve been there.

3) Don’t be shy about splitting. It’s easy to say “oh, I’ll get this Uber” and think that the charge is no big deal, but everything adds up over the course of a trip! My friends definitely aren’t shy about Venmo requesting one another $1.80 or so to chip in toward a $10 group Uber ride. It may seem silly asking for such a small amount of money, but it helps keep everything fair. You’ll thank yourself later when you have an extra $10 to put toward that second margarita at dinner.

What tips would you add? I’m heading to the Cape this weekend with friends and can’t wait. ‘Tis the season of vacation!

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