Fun Things to Do in DC This Summer


Ok, how is it already July?! I feel like the summer is flying by, but maybe that’s because I traveled a lot in June. As much as I love being on vacation, there’s also always a ton of fun stuff going on in the city over the summer, and since I was living at home and getting used to my job for most of last summer, I’m excited to take advantage of more activities this time around. Here are a few on my list:

Jazz in the garden. I’m planning on going to this with a few friends this coming Friday, I think. I went last year (on a date, actually), and it was fun to sit outside and listen to jazz and enjoy a giant pitcher of sangria. The perfect way to destress after work on Friday!

-Outdoor movies. This list shows all of the outdoor movies that will be playing across the DC area, so check which ones are coming to your neighborhood. I used to love this kind of thing in high school and need to take advantage of it again as an adult! Note: I MUST see Legally Blonde 2 on August 9 😉

-Free outdoor workouts. I actually found out about these on the Lululemon website. Say goodbye to your normal gym routine for a night and try one of the outdoor yoga classes in Georgetown. Just note that you’ll need to sign up in advance, though the class is completely free!


-Check out a farmers market (or three). I’ve had a blast wandering around different outdoor markets across the city…the ones in Georgetown, Dupont, and Columbia Heights have been my faves so far, but there are a couple of others I’ve been meaning to try! Plus, Eastern Market is always a go-to and is a great place to bring out of town visitors. There’s even a cute used clothing store nearby where I once purchased a small Longchamp bag for, like, $5!

What’s on your list for the summer?

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