How to Create a Gorgeous Gallery Wall

Hado Photo
Hado Photo

Let’s face it, putting together a gallery wall is a daunting task. It’s something that lots of my friends have put off because it can be time consuming and, if we’re being honest, nailing tons of holes in the wall is a little daunting, especially in a new place. But I noticed that my gallery wall garnered a lot of comments after my AT home tour ran, and I’d love to share how I created it!

I’ve had gallery walls in several of my apartments, and in my current space, the ideal place for one was above my living room couch. I’ve also seen great gallery walls that surround large TVs and make the area a little more visually interesting, but I’ve also read that really only one gallery wall per room makes sense, and kind of get that (though I’ve certainly experimented with groups of prints above my bar cart, which is in the same room as the couch #scandalous).

When putting together my gallery wall, I used a lot of frames and artwork that I already owned but also purchased some fun new items (my biggest splurge was my Gray Malin piece, which I actually got fairly recently, in May, and made its debut in this most recent shoot!). The key, at least for me–being someone who is forever indecisive–has been changing out the artwork every once in awhile. This has been super easy given that none of my artwork is matted directly into the frame (minus the Gray piece, which I had done professionally and don’t see myself getting tired of anytime soon!)  So, the key has been popping one piece out of a frame, storing it somewhere safe, and taping a new piece in. Not the most sophisticated process, but hey, it works!

Hado Photo
Hado Photo

I decided that while I didn’t necessarily want matching frames, I am mainly drawn to those that are white and gold and could mix and match. The Gray Malin print is in a silver frame but still “goes” with the overall wall and room because of the colors in the photograph. When it came to selecting prints, I knew I wanted some to be fun (think sassy quotes and sayings) and some to be personal, reflecting places where I’ve lived (down to the exact neighborhood, in the case of my Georgetown print!). I used to be more in to “mass produced” prints (like the ones you’ll find at TJ Maxx or Homegoods), but now I’m generally drawn to things that are a little more unique and truly feel like “me.” However, I cannot say enough good things about Society6 and their amazing prints (some of which you’ll see in everyone’s homes, ha!). I’ve purchased many prints from them over the years and there is almost ALWAYS some sort of discount or promo going on, which makes their affordable art (like this amazing piece–perfect for all of my Charleston lovers) even more attainable!

As for nailing in the actual frames, there are a few ways to go about this process. Some people may be ok with messing up here and there (just remember to sparkle all of those holes before you move apartments!), while others want everything to be perfect on the first go and will choose to hang out newspaper cutouts in the shape of each print before hammering into the wall. You can also opt for sticky velcro strips (great for dorm rooms or anywhere else that doesn’t allow/isn’t conducive for hammering nails into the wall). I’ve honestly tried all of these tactics and the truth is, you’re bound to make a mistake here or there and wish you had hammered a nail an inch in the other direction…and it’s up to you whether you decide to fix it or just leave things be.

Need some additional inspo? Shop the prints below and get ready to spruce up your space!

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