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I am the worst at controlling myself when it comes to Amazon Prime. It’s just too easy to fall for the convenience of the whole thing! I first signed up for Prime when I started grad school and have kept renewing the membership because I definitely get my money’s worth in free shipping! Lately, I’ve bought a wide variety of items that I can’t help but recommend, so I thought I’d share this (somewhat random) roundup below for all you other Prime addicts! Sorry in advance 😉

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Item #1: I ordered these sunglasses prior to my Paris trip because I was in love with the tortoise print (and the low price). I still haven’t gotten another “nice” pair of sunglasses since my RayBans fell into the Tidal Basin (I kid you not…) last summer. They had my prescription in them, too, which was a huge bummer! In the meantime, I’ll be stocking up on cheap sunnies until I can get my act together and get new lenses and frames.

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Item #2: Ok, I didn’t actually order this on Prime (I got mine at Target), but same thing since the product is still sold on Amazon. These K-cups are SO good. They had this flavor in my office last summer and it somehow never got replaced but ah…if you like sweet coffee, this is for you. If not…run far, far away!

Item #3: I know what you’re thinking…who orders a swimsuit on Amazon?! Well, apparently a lot of people! I picked up this palm print bikini prior to my Cape trip and one of my friends had actually ordered two in other patterns. For only $20, it didn’t disappoint, and any palm leaf lover understands the amazingness of this suit. I stumbled upon it when I was looking for a new top to go with a solid color pair of bikini bottoms and knew I had to bite the bullet.

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Item #4: I’ve shared this wicker bag on IG stories and have loved it so far (I brought it to the Cape and to Paris–it’s great for times when I don’t have too much to carry). For $22, it’s such a steal! Wicker/straw bags are all that this summer and this cutie opens up to kind of look like a picnic basket, making it all the more adorable.

Item #5: Ok, this may seem a little weird, but if your shoulders hurt from sitting at a desk the way mine do (not going to get into the gross details, but let’s just say I definitely have some neck/back issues going on), you NEED this. Even though this device doesn’t cost much (basically the price of one massage), I was skeptical about ordering it because of the mixed reviews. However, I figured I’d give it a try, and I love it! It definitely is a little painful to use at first (this isn’t going to give you a “relaxing” massage), it definitely provides tons of relief for sore muscles.

Any items that you haven’t been able to resist purchasing on Prime?

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