An Afternoon at Union Market


Even though I’ve been back in DC for over a year, I’ve only been to Union Market twice (my second time was last week!). My friend Sonia’s mom founded a delicious Indian restaurant, DC Dosa, which has a Union Market location, and she invited a few of us down for a free dinner (oh my goodness, it was amazing!). I got there a little early and had a blast exploring the market and enjoying a frozen drink in the sunshine. The best part? Union Market on weekdays is apparently way less crowded than it is on weekends, so you’ll have your pick of outdoor tables and can take all the heart wall photos you want. 😉


Here’s a little peak into what’s at the market…

If you follow ANY DC bloggers/’grammers, you’ve probably seen snaps of this gorgeous heart wall before. It doesn’t disappoint and is truly a surprise since the general area surrounding the market is pretty plain. If you need a location for that perfect outfit photo shoot, head on over on a weeknight when it’s empty!


This frozen orange drink was delicious on a hot day, although it was a little pricy at $9 (the happy hour wine inside is only $4! Don’t worry, I ordered a glass of rosé later, too). The picnic benches outside are great for people (or dog) watching.



While Union Market is mainly food-oriented, Salt & Sundry and Little Leaf (their sister store) both have small outposts there. If you like tribal-printed goodies, coffee table books, or adorable plants, these are the shops for you! I’d been to the 14th Street locations and was happy to spot many of the products that I love down here.


What’s your favorite spot at Union Market? It’s honestly a great place to just relax, even midweek, especially since there’s free wifi! Grab a snack, a drink, and your laptop and plow throw those emails at a colorful picnic table if you need to shake things up a bit.

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