Dog Days of Summer

I know everyone is saying this, but summer truly FLEW by. I’ve done more traveling this year than I have in years past (NYC, Florida, Cape Cod, West Virginia, and Paris!) and have also been busy with work, blog projects, and more. So no complaints on my end! But it feels like summer just began (and working at a school, you notice when fall is around the corner!).

While I’ve still done a lot of DC exploring on the weekends I’ve been home, there are a few more things on my list for late August…who’s joining me?!


1) Visit the infamous (or should I say Insta-famous!) rosé garden: I’ve been wanting to check this place out for ages rosé-loving friends and go check out the adorable palm leaf and pink and white striped decor before it closes for the summer! Was this place made for me or what?!

2) Log another pool day or two. I had been hoping to spend lots of time at the pool the last weekend I was home, but the weather ended up being awful, so I tore through my “beach reads” inside, haha. The free pool in my neighborhood has been awesome because I can go as much or as little as I want without spending a cent! Bring a book, some snacks, and some friends and you’re all set. Who says 20-somethings are too old for pool days?

3) Spin, spin, spin. I have birthday credits from two of my favorite spin studios which expire before the end of the month. Shouldn’t be a problem for me (I love both places), but I actually haven’t used either yet since they’re a bit out of the way and my normal gym is easier to get to during the week. Pro tip: Don’t delete those birthday emails from studios until you see what’s inside–I was pleasantly surprised!

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