Cult Gaia in Paris


You may have noticed that everyone and their mother has been toting the famous Cult Gaia bamboo bag this summer. I was on the fence about purchasing one because (for obvious reasons) they just aren’t that practical, but I so rarely splurge on funkier accessories and figured I’d go for it. Verdict: I love this bag!

Yes, it looks a little funny and will stump men like my dad, who referred to it as a “container” (#typical). But it actually held up quite well when I used it in Paris, and I’m excited to break it out again before summer is over. One key element that I didn’t realize before purchasing the bag: The handles don’t close by themselves—there isn’t a snap or magnetic closure—so you have to be holding both shut at all times in order to keep your belongings in place. That aside, the bag does hold a decent amount of stuff, and while it’s obviously see-through to a degree, you definitely can’t tell exactly what’s in there.

Before purchasing the bag, I read a few other blog posts to determine whether I wanted the large or the small—the price difference was only $10, so it seemed worth scoping out. The small (which I ended up buying) is actually quite large, and I’m glad I went with it. I’m fairly tall (5’7”), and I would probably recommend the small bag for someone more petite—the large definitely looks cool but can be a little overpowering! Plus, a smaller size = that much easier to tote around, especially when it comes to travel.


And on that note….Per Jess’s suggestion (her purse is SUPER helpful if you’re on the fence about buying one of these babies), I opted to pack the bag in its original box when I traveled—and I kept it in my carry on suitcase rather than my checked bag, although that probably wasn’t necessary (I just get overprotective ;)). The box is pretty sturdy and isn’t much bigger than the bag itself, so it didn’t take up a ton of extra space, and everything stayed in tact perfectly.

Have you pulled the trigger on a Cult Gaia bag this summer? I’ve also come across tons of lookalikes for less, and my guess is eventually people will sell the real ones on sites such as Poshmark and the like. I hope these remain in style for the next few summers, though, because they definitely are an easy way to make an outfit pop!

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