Raspberries and Rosé


Summer may be on its way out, but I’m still milking rosé season for as long as I can. After making a batch of frozen rosé, or frosé, over Memorial Day Weekend (sidenote—what?! That seriously feels like last week), I decided to try it again but with…raspberries!

Raspberries are hands down my favorite fruit (although frozen grapes are definitely making their way up the list, haha), and I always pick up a box (or several) when they’re priced decently. When I came home from Paris, I headed to the store to do a big shop for the week and saw that raspberries were two for $3!!! Usually the best deal you can find is 2 for $5, so this was a steal. I grabbed two boxes to enjoy fresh and two to freeze for the rosé, and I’m so happy with how it turned out!

Oh, and the best part? It couldn’t be easier to make. All you have to do is blend the two ingredients together and garnish with additional raspberries on top. The result? A pretty, refreshing summer drink, perfect for a night in or as a pre-going out treat.


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